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3x3 is the name of a series of annual summer camps that developed out of the desire of people of Latvian heritage both outside and inside Latvia to maintain the Latvian language and culture in their families. Read more here.

Read the calendar to find out more about upcoming 3x3 summer camps in Latvia, England, USA, Australia, and Canada, or about the more than 100 3x3 camps that have already been held. Browse the rest of the site for information about Latvia, its people, and its culture. Send us your comments and help improve the site!

Bilingual web site

While the main pages appear in both Latvian and English, many of the other pages in this web site are in one language or the other (we would welcome their translation—volunteer!). Links that take you from a page in English to one in Latvian carry the symbol .

Read the Help! page to find more information on how to make your browser view the accented letters of the Latvian language.

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