What is 3x3?

3x3 is the name of a series of camps that developed out of the desire of people of Latvian heritage to maintain the Latvian language and culture in their families.

Every summer, in the northern and summer hemispheres, outside Latvia and within, a series of summer camps is held that focus on fostering the Latvian language and culture amongst those that attend them. While the attendance of individuals and small family groups is the norm, attendance by the three generations of the extended family—children, parents, and grandparents—is especially welcome. A recent edition of the American Latvian Association (ALA) publication latvian dimensions contains a good introduction to 3x3.

By the end of 2001 129 3x3 camps have been held, with a total attendance of 17,742 people. An informative retrospective booklet 3x3=100, that describes the history of the 3x3 movement and the first 100 3x3, was published by the Australian 3x3 council to mark the holding of the 100th 3x3 in 1997. Read the booklet here.


The 3x3 movement is governed globally by the Council on Education of the World Federation of Free Latvians (WFFL).

3x3 councils in Latvia, USA, and Australia govern camps in those countries. (Read about the 2001 USA council meeting here.) Each 3x3 council consists of the organisers of previous and current 3x3 camps in that country, and the chairperson of the WFFL Council on Education. Camps in England are governed by the Latvian organisations in England.

To get in touch with the 3x3 organisation, write to vadiba@3x3.lv.

3x3 on the web

The 3x3 web site first went live at the end of 1999. The web site was created to:

  • be a source of news about 3x3
  • bring together materials from all the 3x3 camps that have been held
  • provide background material for 3x3 activities

The 3x3 web site is constantly being improved. Read about how you can help.

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